“When listening to Ricky Malichi, he definitely gets ‘my make it look easier than it looks award.’  Monster technique, and he also is fun to watch. What a wonderful musical experience.”  

Diane Mascorrella – Anchorage Press 

 “You surprised me! You’ve got good time and tasty too.”

Jake Hanna 

 “You’re always Swinging” 

Herbie Mann 

 “Some people have drums.  Ricky owns them.”

Bobby Shew 

 “Snap, crackle, pop!

Holly Hoffman 

 “People need to hear you play”

Dan Barrett 

 “Ricky Malichi is an accomplishment musician who can adapt to any musical setting. His solos are unique, musical, and masterfully executed.  Ricky has definitely found himself one with his instrument and what a joy to hear and see.”

Drum Solo Artist 

"People are going to hear more about you.”

David “Fathead” Newman 

 “Share your music.  Always keep playing.”

Tito Puente 

“Ricky Malichi is a spirited and masterful presence on any bandstand.  The music is always swinging when Ricky is brining his beautiful groove to a jazz festival or concert and hearing him fire up an Afro-Cuban  ensemble from behind the drums is absolutely thrilling.  As an educator, he is a valuable resource in any situation from master classes, clinics to the classroom, thanks to his vast knowledge and performance experience.  Ricky Malichi is simply a positive force in music and if I’m lucky, I’ll spend many more hours on stage with him!”

Chuck Redd